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Exclusive services that will elevate your experience and make your time with us truly unforgettable.


Welcome to BNBLouisville! We are thrilled to have you as our guest and are committed to ensuring your stay is nothing short of extraordinary. As a token of our appreciation, we are excited to introduce you to our exclusive promotional services that will elevate your experience and make your time with us truly unforgettable.

  Bourbon Tours - Unleash the Spirit of Kentucky. Embark on a sensory journey through the heart of bourbon country on a carefully curated bourbon tour hosted by our friends at Travel the Trail. Partnering with the finest distilleries, we offer an immersive experience that takes you behind the scenes of Kentucky's world-renowned bourbon craftsmanship. Sip, savor, and appreciate the artistry that goes into every bottle. Unleash the spirit of Kentucky—reserve your spot on our exclusive bourbon tour now!

Full and Half Day custom Bourbon Tours available. 
  Stock My Fridge - Your Fridge, Your Favorites. Imagine arriving at your home away from home, and your fridge is stocked with all your favorite foods and drinks. With our personalized fridge-stocking service, we make that dream a reality. Simply let us know your preferences, and we'll ensure your favorite snacks and beverages are waiting for you upon arrival. Upgrade your stay with this delightful amenity—customize your fridge now!
  Private Chef Services - Culinary excellence for the ultimate indulgence - treat yourself to our private chef services. Whether you desire a gourmet meal prepared in the comfort of your Airbnb or a personalized dining experience, our expert chefs are at your service. Revel in culinary excellence without lifting a finger—book your private chef experience and savor every moment.
  Private Bourbon Tasting - Experience unparalleled luxury with a private bourbon tasting. Immerse yourself in a curated selection of exquisite bourbons, expertly guided by the connoisseurs at NEAT Bourbon Bar. Enjoy an intimate setting, flavorful pours, and carefully paired accompaniments, ensuring an unforgettable journey into the world of fine spirits, tailored to your preferences. Cheers to indulgence!
  BNB Louisville Guide Book - Discover the best of Louisville with our comprehensive guidebook, featuring top restaurant recommendations and must-see attractions around town. Dive into local flavors and explore hidden gems to make your visit unforgettable. CLICK HERE FOR OUR GUIDE


 At BNBLouisville, we are dedicated to making your stay exceptional. Don't miss out on these exclusive offerings that promise to enhance your visit to Louisville. For more information on any of our premium services, simply email us info@bnblouisville.com or call 812-349-8196. We look forward to exceeding your expectations and ensuring your stay with us is truly one for the books!